Here are some great tips to enjoy your wedding without feeling unnecessary burdened. Money that you can save for a honeymoon trip that you longed for, or an investment as a couple, or maybe just savings for you two.

1) Avoid a long guest list
invite your close family and friends, people who you can count on in your good and bad times! And trust me they will literally be the counted ones on your finger tips. Also our societal pressure is huge where our elders get offended if so and so are not on the guest list. Make a deal where really important ones can be short listed. Communication is the key, tell them how much of money and resources you can save.

2) Ask for wedding help instead of gifts
We all have an amazing amateur friend who has great photography skills or a make up artist or a dress designer who you can count on in a minimum budget.

3) Event Venue
If you have your own place or someone’s garden where all your guests can fit in.
It can cut your Venue cost and you can save your money which you can utilize somewhere else.

4) Food
Our desi weddings are all about food. Go easy keep few dishes but focus on good quality and quantity. No need to go all fancy with too much variety. Maybe one Fancy appetizer and a delectable dessert can be a treat for your guest. And no one forgets good food easily.

5) Go minimal with flowers
If you are on a budget, choose local flowers or the artifical ones. Trust me a good event planner will be able to mix and match both and it wouldn’t even make a difference. Roses and white motia looks amazing with pearls and strings. Just play around, be creative!

6) Make your own invitations
Yes you read it right, google has amazing wedding card designs, search up on websites and you will get the wedding cards format. Print those! Easy isn’t it? Or just get it typed on a nice colored paper something which goes with your theme and get it printed. No need to spend on something which gets thrown in the end.

7) Plan ahead
When you’re trying to have a budget wedding plan ahead, make a to do list so that you don’t forget on things. Plan so that you have less “Last minute” stress and you can look around for sales and offers on different things.

Goodluck in making your minimilastic wedding possible and bring a change in society,
As a full-service event consultancy, we are with you every step of the way!