Importance of Choosing a Wedding Venue!

This winter create an ambiance for your wedding- Outdoors, and save your money for a larger than life honeymoon ticket, no need for an Air-conditioned marquees! Enjoy Karachi’s cool breeze at nights!
Ambiance is the key- You can choose a location which suits you and create an ambiance, if you want a vintage look for your wedding, add some grandeur. You can choose venue like Junagadh Haveli or an old vintage house, it will add Royal aesthetics to your wedding.
One tip from us: make your entrance Royal by coming in a vintage car or on a vintage Harley Davidson it will look super chic!

If you are looking for a central location, we would suggest you to chose Karsaz Road venues outdoors like Bahria Auditorium, PAF museum, PNS Karsaz or Maritime Museum. Chose a theme and then you can play with vibrance of colors, lighting and props which will make your event look great altogether.

If you are residing in DHA you might want to take up a venue closer to your home, so Creek Club, DHA Golf Club, Sunset clubs are your greatest bet. Keep a budget set and then you can work around it depending on how many guests you are inviting and if your chosen venue has that capacity.

Goodluck in making your dream wedding come true 🙂