How To Have the Best Ever Fairytale Themed Wedding?

Marriages a made in heavens but are celebrated on earth. Your wedding day should not only be the most memorable event in your life but also for those who attended. This can only be possible if you get over the historic weddings and bring on a new innovation like how about having a fairytale theme? Marco polo has been offering the ideal wedding of your choice since ages.

 If you are one who would want to experience that fairytale dream wedding then keep reading!


  #the traditional fusion

How about giving a trailer of your ideal wedding to the guests in your mayo/sangeet? Believe it or not, your sangeet should always follow the traditional rituals. The entire stage will be comprised of a floral setup. It’s always traditional yet classy to have a carpet floor seating arrangement with Gaotakiya which also provides enough dancing space for mehindi and dholki lovers. There are sofa lounges as well for those who have difficulty in sitting down. If you wish we can also arrange popular qawwali rounds in no time.


 #the big day

So it’s finally time to show the world how grand and eye-catching your big day is. It’s always a pleasant gesture to welcome your guests with a warm greeting and the best of refreshment. Entrance always matters therefore, the enormous crystal chandelier and the flower setup will look praise worthy just like how Cinderella’s ballroom was! This is so because we want to provide you with the best ambiance in town as it’s your special day.



 Since every bite matters we offer Karachi’s most ideal cuisine keeping health and nutrition in mind. Our chefs are not just the ordinary ones, their cooking is highly appreciable. To sum up, the meal and drinks are prepared with fine quality and assurance for your valuable guests. To make your meal more remarkable we also render coffee for those who are non- tea lovers.

You need not to worry about those aunties who are always picky about cutlery as we cater the most outstanding dinnerware imported from Italy.

We have also allotted bars benches for drinks and beverages.


#Extra credits

How about the idea of welcoming the bride and groom on a farshi featured floor lined by beautiful lamps?

 Stunning right!

They can also have their crystal dance on it which will be like a night to remember. Every bride seeks attention and deserves to be pampered so why not just include a ribbon round!

#A lot more!

If you want to please your special guests you are always welcomed. We offer corporate dinners and lunches for business meetings as well. Our cooperative catering service is praised all over the nation and to keep it going we try our level best to be the foremost event management planners.


You have certainly made the ultimate choice for choosing us as your event planners. We are highly obliged and honored to provide you excellent and ideal wedding in town.