Marcopolo Signature Style

Sovereignty and sentiment are the most important ingredients of every gathering.Fairytale wedding carries a charm that never goes out of fashion.If you are wondering to have your “happily Ever After” wedding in a spectacular castle then don’t just limit your dreams.“Marcopolo Events” can help you to bring this blessing from heaven by offering Enchanted castles ,halls and villas with striking views ,delicious food and best comfort.

Marcopolo Events ,the best planners in town ,is the correct decision to commend the beginning of another section in your life.To add more fantasy in your big day we provide a mesmerizing decor with our lofty windows ornaments ,alluring arrangements ,sensational embellishment and sparkly chandeliers.Our signature floral and lights arrangements include more dramatization to the scene.Adding classical symbols ,perfect combinations of silvers and pinks with pearls and other ornaments bring more details and flavours in our fairytale weddings.

Flowers plays an important role to drive the traditional aspect in the wedding. From time to time in occasions the choice of flowers varies like marigold for mehndis,exotic orchids in valima functions.However,for fairytale wedding we prefer to create classy environment with the perfect combinations of rich flowers like blush peonies,white blossoming stephanotis and our rich charming roses.These flower arrangements are more enhanced by adding ravishing lights and chandelier which are necessary for creating the more fairytale mood.

Marcopolos Events knows the best .Therefore,we want to deliver more dramatization in your fantasy wedding .We offer various ways like mirror floor ,spotlights,spiral staircase and a high quality sound system to boostify your grand entrance at your reception.Take a time to have a look on our efforts we put in our events because we care for you.And to make your big day an amazing one we do our best so that everyone’s eyes remain stuck to you through your first move.

We can feel the pressure being a host you experience in welcoming your guests at your auspicious day.Their well-being is vital for us.Therefore to comfort your visitors ,we provide highly warmth environment including the relaxing seating arrangements ,delicious hygienic food and pleasing background music.

At long last ,whatever you choose for your big day ,we want you to enjoy every bit of it .Try not to waste your energy stressing over the little subtleties .We are here to care of
it,guaranteeing that every other person is cheerful, it’s your day and you have to make the most it.

Client satisfaction is our top priority.Whatever theme you choose ,its not just a theme for us. Our team fully indulge into the scene focusing the minor details to assure 100% guaranteed satisfaction.