Night marriages are too mainstream, right? How about you consider yourself marrying in a daylight while sun is shining up high, cool breeze is blowing by the sea and you are there standing on the aisle, holding hands together and exchanging hat-trick of “qabool hay, qabool hay and qabool hay” with your “before anyone and everyone else” (bae). Wedding marks a new beginning, a new inception and a new initiation point of one’s life. This auspicious moment highlights the sovereignty and sentiments which everyone carries throughout the event. Trend of getting married in a daylight is getting quite popular over time in Karachi because there one gets to see the sun shining above the horizon, sea water sparkling like a bed of diamond, seagulls chirping ads up to glamor of environment around.
Plenty of sunlight and extremely good lightning in daytime provides an extra edge for photos. If you see those photos at a future stage, you would definitely have a fresh and breezy feeling. Open and large gardens are mostly chosen by people so as to add to the beauty and grandeur of wedding event. With all these extra environmental features, expect a superb yet luscious background in your photographs.
Winter nights in Karachi are chilly and temperature drop is quite noticeable while in daytime, it is quite relaxing and enjoyable making it a fun time to have your “Big Event”. People shivering with cold and having their arms crossed against the cold are very less likely to be found providing an advantage for ladies to wear sleeveless without having any shawls or wraps whatsoever. One thing you would definitely not do is to plan a wedding in summers during daytime as no one would want to have makeup melting down their faces, turning beauties into beasts (pun intended)
We know that makeup is an important ingredient in weddings. Heavy kohl eyes and dark eyes shadows are definitely not preferable at all. Ladies are strongly advised to choose between light and softer colors to look more ravishing and attractive. Intelligent foundation-ing is to be done to hide all the dark eye spots, wrinkles and patches or perhaps throw on your sunnies to give a vibrant feel.
Less oily food is served providing diet conscious people an opportunity to enjoy equally. During daytimes, mostly salads, starters and finger food is served.
Traditional biryani, qorma and nan with lot of Sprite, Pepsi and Fanta are too mainstream leaving you with an oil dump inside your belly. Therefore a change in menu having other eatables is considered a good omen and is equally appreciated by the guests.
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