Before the big day, and by big I mean the wedding day, a fun, celebratory occasion allowing the bride’s close friends and family members to spend time together is Bridal Shower Day. Bride-to-be is showered with gifts and other valuable items which will help her and her future husband to establish a home, start a new family and begin new chapter in their Happy Ever-after.

The tradition of Bridal showers goes way back. It was originated centuries ago. What happened was that when women went on with their choice to marry someone they love but that particular person was not liked by that women’s family at all, so the bride was refused by their family to have dowry. There come in her friends, supporting her by gifting her with valuables and useable to establish her new home and live with her husband in a suitable manner.

Today’s bridal showers are way too different than the historic ones. They became customary to every wedding as it’s a time to share stories and advice, eat and drink, and pay special attention to the bride.

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While many aspects of a wedding are traditional (and should stay that way), there are plenty of wedding elements that change with the times and trends. Lately, Google has been filled with incredible bridal shower themes, and we think this new tradition is something everyone would support. Instead of a prim-and-proper gathering with tea sandwiches and minimal decoration, your bridal shower can be a reflection of your personality and interests. Whether you love to travel, cook, drink coffee, or hit the beach, these party ideas from Google are so much fun. From a Coco Chanel Parisian party to a bubbly brunch with a mimosa bar, you’ll have the trendiest, approved shower of the year. If your dress is perfectly tailored to you—why not your bridal shower? Alert your maid of honor, she’s in for a real celebratory planning treat.

Doting bridesmaids, and the stylish sisters behind the bride, threw the ultimate soiree to celebrate her journey to the altar. If you haven’t seen these talented ladies’ work before, you’ll want to check out this citrus bridal shower as evented by Marcopolo Events. We diverge- This soon-to-be bride is one lucky women to be showered in such a way! How could you go wrong with a margarita bar and a balloon backdrop?!?